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Anton M. Borissov. Astrakhan. Russia - Portland. OR, USA..



       I am looking for a job. As long as I can remember, the most important thing in my life was to live without regrets about my past. I can not and will not live any other way! I believe that all people should live a lifestyle that not only benefits themselves, but other people as well. My lifestyle is simple and I don't need a lot for myself. To live and work so that I can take care of somebody else is what is important to me. Eating, drinking and sleeping are necessary to exist, but certainly not what LIFE is all about. This is what I believe.
With my arrival to America something broke inside of me. For the past three years I have felt as if I were less than a human being. It has been very difficult for me to find a job. I am dealing with several problems and don't have anyone in America to help me, except God. Although the last three years have been very difficult for me, I still believe that everything is going to be all right. Even if no one chooses to help me, I know that God will take care of me. God is trustworthy and He is not going to leave me.

       You can find my resume right here. In Russia I worked in two totally different jobs. My first job was working for Real-Astrakhan, Co. Real-Astrakhan, Co. is the largest Internet provider in Astrakhan which is the city that I came from. I still think of it as my hometown. My job was to help develop their web site: http://www.astrakhan.ru/. I worked on the literary page. Although I finished this over three years ago, it still hasn't been updated since I left. This is very unusual in our ever-changing world of computers that we live in today. Only a change in the design occurred which, in my opinion, is a definite improvement. Even with this change, the books listed there are still the same. Our studio Logos is working on developing the site www.sos.ru. I was one of their administrators of that site. I enjoy working with computers and creating networks that link many computers together to make them perform better. I even created a small network out of my four home computers. One of them has FreeBSD, and the other three have everything from Microsoft, Co. to Windows 98 to Windows XP. I have also been certified in MCSE in April of 2002. I understand and like to work with computers.

       My second job was as a counselor for handicapped people. I worked on a "Trust Line". A "Trust Line" is a phone line at my home that all kinds of people would call at their most difficult moments in their life. They called because they needed help. I felt like I was supposed to have that job. Although this phone line was set up for people with disabilities, I got phone calls from many different people and most of them did not have any physical disabilities at all. I worked at that job for 7 years. It was a very difficult, but rewarding job. I will never forget the things that I learned on that job and I would like to write more about it.
I have started writing my book and already have several chapters finished. I am writing it in Russian, but I hope that an English translation will follow.

Thank you!