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Anton M. Borissov. Astrakhan. Russia - Portland. OR, USA..


About Myself

       I was born in Vladivostok in 1965. Moved with the family to Astrakhan in 1970 and have resided in this town since then.
Incurably handicapped since childhood. Unable to walk or sit upright. Lying is possible only flat on the back.
Spent most of my life in hospitals. The longest treatment term lasted since 1971 till 1983 which I spent in one of Astrakhan's local sanitariums in Bone Tuberculosis dept. Studied by a correspondence course first in a comprehensive school, then in the Pedagogical Institute of Astrakhan (1984-1993) majoring in Russian linguistics. Nine years was nearly twice more than a normal duration of studies and it was due to spending two years in Moscow's Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics where I had several surgeries. I have a diploma of teacher of the Russian language and Literature but never had a chance to implement my knowledge in teaching.

        I used to work in several places simultaneously but considered the work of a "Help Hotline" counselor the most important one. This telephone number was my home number but few of those who called me and asked for help realized this and certainly no one had an idea of the condition which I was in as they talked over their anxiety and pain with me. And I preferred it to be that way!
What I was doing was receiving phone calls and suggesting the callers where they could get professional help in one life situation or other or, sometimes, I was just listening. My job description was just counseling and psychological assistance to people with disabilities. But in fact, all others did call me as well.

       In 1994 I learned computer usage and this opened up a brand new world for me
I was then employed as a webmaster in Real Astrakhan Ltd.

        In 1999 a dramatic change came about. Friends invited me to visit them in America so that I could look around for a possibility of obtaining a custom-made wheel-chair. It was nothing short of a miracle how I got the visa and came to the States for 2 months. However, later everything happened unlike I had planned - I stayed in America.

        Presently I am residing in Portland, Oregon - the town which I like immensely. My major motivation for staying in America was the possibility for moving in a wheel-chair on my own. Many things, which are taken for granted in America, I never had and never could have in Russia, unfortunately.

        I have been looking for a job for over three years by now. However, this is rather hard for me to find an employment in America, given my physical limitations and the present economic situation in the U.S. But I do hope that all will be well. If I survived in Russia, I am sure to survive here in America.
My resume is placed here, but it already needs some updating.

        These are the major milestones of my biography.

P.S.        I decided to write a book about my life. This decision has evolved long ago and there are some pieces of the book already written. So far it will be in Russian but I hope to have it translated into English soon. Then I will need to try publishing it. I know it is not cheap here to do this. And I know that asking for help is not always welcome. Nevertheless, I cannot cope with this project financially on my own and I created an account on PayPal. Those who feel like assisting in this project can credit something to this account of mine. Just click the icon.
Thank you very much in advance and may God bless you!