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Anton M. Borissov. Astrakhan. Russia - Portland. OR, USA..



       I am pleased to welcome you at my website. This is my personal website and therefore you will see in it only that what is of interest to me personally - that what I am living with. I have been working on this site for over 7 years and its first version is also here. I had created it and then went visiting to the U.S.

       The fact is, work has always been the most important part of living for me. It has been this way all my life and this is how it was in Russia too. Presently I am residing in America - Portland, Oregon. Arrived here in 1999 to purchase a custom-made wheelchair for myself and planned to come back to Russia. However, God so willed that I stayed here in the States. It was nothing short of a miracle but I will write about it here later. The decision to stay in the U.S. didn't come easy to me. I have no one but God to rely on.

       During all my stay here I have been looking for a job which is especially so important for me. I am sure I'm not the only one for whom work is a major part of life. Alas, the possibilities for work are rather limited in America now.

       But I am sure all will be well!

       Thank you for visiting.

       P.S. My Service Dog died on April 4, 2010. Right now my friends triyng to help me and find me a new Service Dog.

       Please, read It.

       P.P.S.Thanks to Caroline Spark and to everybody who helped me.

       I just wanted to inform that I've found the Dog. Here you can read about it. She needs the training but I believe she will be a very good Service Dog.

       Thank you very much for all your help and for prayers

       Check out the News sector.

       All the very best to you.

I am wishing you happiness and a lot of luck.
God bless you!